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Your all-round support

for villa, finca & more

Specialized in the southeast of Mallorca.

About us

We are close, we are on site and THE contact when it comes to reliable property management.

Active in Germany for 25 years and now also on Mallorca.


Regardless of whether it is a finca, apartment, chalet or house, we will take care of your property just as we would have liked someone to take care of our own.

In the rotation you want, we check all lines and connections, doors and windows and much more.

After every major and minor storm, we go to your property on an unscheduled basis, check everything for any damage and send you an information.

Everything is recorded and, if necessary, also photographed.

So you can look forward to your next vacation in your home.


For several years we have owned properties on the island that were maintained by companies.

Often we were not 100% satisfied and their performance sometimes did not meet our standards of service, care and maintenance.

Of course, not all things were negative and a lot went well.

Over the years we have simply noticed what is important and what you would like to know about your property from a distance.

We have been living permanently on the island since 2019 and offer exactly that with our team.

The all-round finca service.


Yours Sandra Kohlert & Team


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